There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in/out.

@the age of 47

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The morning sun touched lightly on
The eyes of Ben Tenge
In a grey industrial workspace
In a grey industrial town

At the age of fourty-seven
He realised he’d never ride
Through Paris in a sports car
With the warm wind in his hair

So he let the phone keep ringing
And he sat there softly singing

And there are, oh, so many ways
For him to spend the working day

At the age of fourty-seven
he knew he would never reach
the working level of his dreams



Auteur: bentenge

°1971 (Kortrijk, Belgium). Man.

14 thoughts on “@the age of 47

  1. Lucy Jordan had dat probleem al toen ze 37 was dacht ik….

  2. Zo gedesillusioneerd.
    Ik werd heel verdrietig van dit gedicht. Ik snap je.

  3. Mag ik je een gelukkige verjaardag wensen?

  4. Je bent nooit te oud om iets nieuws te proberen.
    Ik was 40 toen ik voor het eerst naar de universiteit ging.
    Gewoon de eerste stap zetten.

  5. Dat liedje heb ik een gans jaar lopen zingen toen ik 37 was…

  6. There’s a conclusion to my illusion
    I assure you this
    There’s no end to this confusion
    If you let it wish you well
    Soul to sell
    Highest bidders, can’t you tell what you’re getting?
    There is a light to all this darkness
    I will tell you this
    There’s redemption in you asking them just why it is
    Some answers are better left unspoken
    When you know you ain’t getting any
    Younger, younger, younger, are you?
    Younger, younger, younger, are you?
    You ain’t getting any

    dat is wat ik denk als ik dat lees

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